The larynx (voice box) serves three individual functions: to allow for passage of air into the lungs while breathing, to produce sound when speaking, and to protect the windpipe when food or liquid is swallowed.  Patients who are experiencing trouble breathing, hoarseness, or trouble swallowing therefore potentially are having a problem with the complex muscles which comprise the voice box or the tissues which surround it. 

Our state-of-the-art videostroboscopy system helps our physicians to examine the tissues of the voice box and surrounding areas, and allows for patients to see firsthand on computer-recorded video why they are having their problem.  Depending on the findings, your doctor may prescribe certain medications to decrease inflammation in the throat, or order further imaging of the tissues in the neck which cannot be seen on the camera.  Many times, your physician may also refer you to speech therapy, which can be very helpful in re-training the muscles of the voice box to improve the quality of sound in your voice.