At Annapolis ENT, each of our physicians is experienced at assessing, treating, and caring for pediatric patients. We understand parental concerns and are committed to recommending the very best treatment option for your child.

Ear Disorders & Hearing Loss

Recurrent ear infections are a common problem in infants and children that can result in antibiotic overuse and hearing loss.  If left untreated, underlying hearing loss can result in speech and language delay as the child ages.  Our team of audiologists and physicians can provide expert recommendations regarding the medical and surgical options for treating these types of ear problems.

Nasal & Sinus Disorders

Whether it is frequent nosebleeds, nasal congestion, sinus infections, allergic rhinitis, or nasal obstruction, our physicians will be able to diagnose the source of the problem, and discuss the variety of treatment options which may be available.

Throat Disorders 

Pediatric throat disorders include sore throat, recurrent tonsillitis, cough, difficulty swallowing, and hoarseness.  Depending on the location of the problem, there may be several medical options available prior to discussing surgical therapies in the operating room.

Snoring & Sleep Disorders 

Snoring and sleep apnea, while more common in adults, are disorders that can be very disruptive to a child’s sleep patterns and overall health. Using expert national guidelines, our doctors will determine the best course of action for improving the quality of your child’s sleep.